Professional Development Online Workshop, May 2, 2020

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Professional Development Online Workshop for K-12 Teachers and College Instructors

Saturday, May 2, 2020

(A Zoom invitation will be sent to registered participants.)


Session 1: 1:00-2:50

"Instructional Practice for Developing 21st Century Literacies"
Presented by: Hongyun Sun
How do we move beyond preparing students to order food, and instead encourage them to be reflective, culturally aware language users? This workshop first discusses the foreign language literacy dimensions and literacy principles in learning processes: interpretation, collaboration, problem-solving, and (self-) reflection, then showcases examples of classroom activity to stimulate, motive and prime your students for success. Participants will leave with practical strategies they can immediately implement to develop students’ literacy skills, critical thinking and intercultural awareness.
Session 2: 3:00-3:50
"Calligraphy Makes Chinese Instruction Meaningful"
Presented by: Ren Li
Calligraphy knowledge is not outdated in nowadays technology teaching environment. It would rather make Chinese instruction meaningful and fun. In addition, calligraphy is passing on Chinese culture to the younger generations in an artful sense. It not only reflects the history of Chinese language development, but also carries the cultural elements from past to present and future. Workshop members will explore some calligraphy knowledge and implement in Chinese classroom, so that they will help students have deeper understanding about Chinese language and culture, thus to motivate students becoming lifelong Chinese learners.
Session 3: 4:00-5:00
"Thoughts on Developing a Structured Chinese Calligraphy Course at College Level"
Presented by: Kang Zhou
Calligraphy teaching has been brought into great attention in recent years. In this presentation, we will take a look at MIT's calligraphy course as an example. We will touch upon the following aspects: curriculum and syllabus design, class activities planning, and assessments in terms of evaluating the learning outcomes. We will also talk about some suggestions in how to better incorporate calligraphy into the Chinese language learning context.

5 PDPs

A certificate of five professional development points, which may be applied toward recertification, will be issued upon request to participants who complete both sessions. 


Registration fee: $10
Registration deadline: April 30, 2020
Method of registration: Please pay online after registration. 

Presenter Information

Hongyun Sun (孙鸿运)
Hongyun Sun is a Lecturer in Chinese at Boston University and served as Head of the Chinese program at BU from 2016 to 2019. She received BA in Chinese Language and Literature Education from Shenyang Normal University and a MA in Cultural Anthropology from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Her research interests include Chinese pedagogy, foreign language literacy development, and teachers’ training. As an enthusiastic life member of NECLTA, a special interest of Ms. Sun is the integration of secondary and university instruction to create a more cohesive experience for Chinese language learners.
Ren Li(李韧)
Ren Li is a Chinese teacher at Brockton High School. She has taught all levels Chinese in her school. And currently she teaches Chinese III, IV, V, IB year 1 and IB year II classes. Ren Li holds her MAT degree from Tufts University Education Department. She is a former Chinese drill class instructor at Tufts University Olin Center. She has six years of teaching experience of startalk summer program in MA and RI. Her passion on calligraphy naturally leads her to bring calligraphy knowledge, stories and even hands-on practice in her own classroom and startalk programs. As a life-long calligraphy learner, Ren Li would like to pass on the art to more learners. She has taught beginner Calligraphy lesson at Sharon Chinese School for two years. 
Kang Zhou(周康)
Kang Zhou is a Chinese language lecturer in Global Languages at MIT. Before joining MIT in 2015, he taught Chinese at Brown University, Williams College and Harvard University. He also has extensive teaching experiences in intensive summer programs at Harvard Beijing Academy and Middlebury Chinese Language School. In 2018, he designed and taught the first Chinese calligraphy course at MIT, aiming at increasing students' understanding of Chinese culture and history through hands-on and in depth study. He also encourages students to inquire the profound philosophies behind calligraphy.