Professional Development Workshop, May 12, 2018

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Professional Development Workshop for K-12 Teachers and College Instructors


1:00 - 5:00 pm, Saturday, May 12th, 2018
Olin Center, Tufts University
180 Packard Ave, Medford, MA 02155
Incorporating Video Database in the Chinese Classroom


Presented by: Zhigang Liu

In the past eight years, Mr. Zhigang Liu collected and organized a great number of video materials to be used in a Chinese language classroom. This collection consists of 3,000 video clips, which are subcategorized as materials for a. vocabulary teaching, b. grammar teaching, c. context understanding, and d. culture introduction. The vocabulary, sentence patterns, grammar, and cultural scenarios it covers are all frequently discussed in Chinese teaching. In this workshop, Mr. Liu will address the following: 1. rationale for using video materials; 2. examples of using video materials in teaching Chinese vocabulary, grammar, and culture; 3. how to design classroom activities based on the video clips; 4. overview of the video collection- its format, scale, characteristics, and disadvantages.


            在过去的八年中,刘志刚老师搜集、整理, 制作了大量可以用于汉语课堂教学的中国影视剧的视频素材,该视频素材库现在已经涵盖近三千条视频片段,分作汉语词汇视频素材、语法素材、情景素材、文化素材等四个大项,覆盖了大量汉语教学中 常见的词汇、句型、语法、文化场景。

            在本次工作坊中,刘老师将围绕其汉语教学视频素材库,向一线汉语教师阐述以下内容:1) 影视视频素材在汉语教学中的独特作用和价值;2) 影视视频素材在汉语教学中的应用案例—以汉语词汇、语法和文化教学为例;3) 围绕影视视频素材可以进行的汉语教学活动设计;4) 汉语教学视频素材库的介绍:其形式、规模、特点和缺点。

Session 1: 1:00-2:50
Coffee Break:  2:50-3:10
Session 2: 3:10-5:00

5 PDPs


A certificate of five professional development points, which may be applied toward recertification, will be issued upon request to participants who complete both sessions. 



Registration fee: $10
Registration limit: 35. First come, first served.
Registration deadline: May 10, or when the maximum number is reached.
Method of registration: Please pay online after registration. The registration fee will cover your coffee break. 

Presenter Information


Zhigang Liu (刘志刚)
Zhigang Liu is currently a Mandarin teacher at Johnnie. R. Carr Middle School in Montgomery, Alabama.  He taught Mandarin at German Embassy School in Beijing, Shanghai New Oriental School, and Xiamen University.  He is the author and editor of several books, including When Chinese Goes Wrong, and The Story of a Chinese Language Teacher.  He has given many talks at various institutions in China and the United States, including New York University and Tufts University.  Zhigang Liu also received several book awards and teaching prizes.